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  • Deluxe Fish Cleaning Table

    $2,499.99 $1,999.99

    Deluxe Fish Cleaning Table-

    The deluxe fish cleaning table features  an all aluminum frame for light weight maneuverability ,a removable starboard cutting board top, a runoff tray for water, blood, and scales to run into an included bucket or into the lake/ocean, a durable powder coat finish, replaceable soft top for shade, a shelf for pans or cutting tools, four hole feet for easy mounting to a wooden deck, and 4 LED lights for when cleaning goes into the night. 

    The top is retractable with 4 thumb screws to pull the top down in case of windy weather. 

    The lights are powered by gator clamps that can be hooked to your trolling motor battery or any 12 volt battery.

    CMC-FCT-DLX-WHITE   -   White

    CMC-FCT-DLX-BLACK   -   Black

    CMC-FCT-DLX-BC             -   Black Chrome